Episode 4: Physical weakness

The weakness and exhaustion have been a daily thing for most of last year and some days it is more pronounced than others. It is also accompanied by increased dizziness (I have to get up veeeeeeery slowly), more difficulty concentrating (reading may be out of the question today, unfortunately), feeling more emotional (like a kid when he’s tired), increased joint and muscle pain, more tingling in hands and feet, more blocked and sore ears, and many more. However, fatigue is also far easier to tolerate than anxiety, it doesn’t need attention every. fucking. second., and luckily that has diminished a little. The surge in anxiety came on after introducing my 3rd antibiotic a few days ago (doxycycline), so yesterday I stopped it to see how I feel (I’m allowed to do that if I deem it necessary, and I did, I will introduce it slower very soon).


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