I’m siiiiiick!

Oh man. I have a pretty serious case of the flu or sinusitis or something of the sort. A video is out of the question as talking is prone to giving me a coughing fit and making me look really sad and pitiful (and nothing like the true warrior that I am). All the brand new symptoms combined with the new antibiotics symptoms and the good old familiar symptoms are one giant mess making me much more zombie-like than I would like to be (both physically and mentally). It would be, as it often is, far easier to tell you what is not wrong with me than vice-versa. I could probably draw an anatomically perfect skull right now, along with the muscles and a bunch of other relevant structures, just basing myself on the crushing pain and pressure that are making my head and jaw want to explode (that’s if only I knew how to draw at all).

I hope this does not last too long. See you on the other side! 🙂


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