Poem for the chronically ill

For all the long years I have been seriously ill,
the medical system, for me, stood totally still.
My life and health have had to foot the bill
and I had no choice but to take the red pill.

The medical world can be a sad and insane place,
someone always trying to win the sickly money race,
arrogance and ignorance are far too common place,
all the while patients lose hope, dignity and grace.

Every chronic sufferer deserves quality care,
if they are to avoid complete soul-crushing despair.
Physicians must take each patient’s pain seriously,
we cannot leave humans to suffer like this, needlessly.

Years spent going through Dr. Google’s chatter,
I finally found myself at the heart of the matter:
it turns out most quacks are actually not so wrong,
listen to them and you may eventually get strong.

It’s time for the medical system to become radical,
which means “root cause” and not at all anarchical.
As long as the sworn oath remains so hypocritical,
I will stand up, fight and be massively critical.


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