Episode 12: I’m walking, yes indeed!

Yesterday ended up being a pretty sweet day. I was able to do more walking then I have in over 2 weeks and it felt pretty amazing! I also went to a friend’s afternoon surprise birthday party, had a fun time and even stayed for about 3 hours! It was nice to feel slightly “normal” for a change.

This morning my inflammation was still lower than it has been in days and I was able to do a 20 minute yoga session (all floor poses, done very slowly and gently). It was nice to get “into” my body, breathe slowly and mindfully, without automatically being completely overwhelmed by pain and discomfort, as is often the case. The less interesting part of the day so far is that I haven’t been able to keep any food down since this morning. Hopefully a cup or two of fresh ginger tea and some (real) chicken stock will help calm the storm and turn my digestion around.

The video below was filmed yesterday, so as I mentioned this is a REALLY good walking day. As tiring, difficult and sometimes frustrating as walking is for me, I make it a point to do it when I can. My body absolutely needs to get some movement so that I don’t become total jello over the next few months. The transport chair is still very useful as even on good days walking anymore than 50 meters is too exhausting.


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