The Habs came out to play!

So much suspense in the second period!

Last night, Jan and I were some of the luckiest bastards around: we had tickets for game 5 between the Canadiens and the Rangers (who were leading the series 3-1)! And just as expected (read: hoped), the Habs dominated, the goals were plenty and we won by a convincing 7-4! Woohoo! I was one happy gimp. 🙂

Our amazing friends pitched in and bought us tickets as a pick-me-up for all the stuff we have been going through. Didn’t I tell you I was lucky, well loved and superbly taken care of? You guys are the best, your gesture was such a wonderful external manifestation of how awesome your support has been throughout all of this. And clearly you guys know what you are doing: out seats were directly in line with the goalie and we saw so many of the goals live! So. awesomly. exciting. Allez MontrĂ©al!

I was thrilled to be having a “good walking day” because getting to our seats would have been very difficult on a bad day, and with everyone in front of us constantly getting up out of excitement I would have missed half the game. Jan kindly wheeled me to and from the car, the bathroom and even carried me down the steep stairs at the end of the game (my body was starting to give me a giant foam middle finger).

Eyes on the prize!

Being in a transport chair in the crowded madness of the Bell Center was not something I was looking forward to, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the courtesy of even the drunkest of patrons. Sure, some people stared, but it seemed to disarm them and make them happy when I was smiling and laughing and enjoying the ambiance. Every single person who rammed into my feet (or foot rests) apologized, even those in relatively advanced inebriated state. And when we needed to get to the bathroom during the intermission (damn you, inevitable bodily functions!), we actually randomly ran into friends and one of them (a Yan even taller than my Jan) paved the way for us to get there and back. A sweet lady even offered to wheel me into the bathroom stall (to which Jan said: “Yes please!” as I said “No thank you!” before blurting out a quick “You know I can still make my own decisions, right babe?”). Everything ended up being so perfect, or close enough anyways. And if that wasn’t enough, some other friends got us tickets to watch next game, happening in New York, at the Bell Center! Blessed I am, I tell you.

Now for a little update on my treatment. I’m on 4 of my 5 antibiotics right now, although I am still building up to my full dose of Doxycycline. This is the one that gave me a huge spike in anxiety last time I tried to introduce it, so I introduced it much slower this time around. I’m now at 3 pills a day (our of a total of 4) and, well, my old frenemy is definitely trying to show his ugly face. In fact, I meant to do a video entry today and midway through it I decided I was doing a shitty job talking and stopped recording. Meh. Doxy is the standard Lyme disease antibiotic treatment and from what Jan read it acts a lot on the brain infection (and therefor much of the nervous system), so we know this is not going to be smooth sailing. I will stay on 3 pills for a few days, hopefully my brain and body will manage to regulate things and give me some piece of mind. Anxiety is like an astute hostile takeover of my active imagination for evil purposes. Not my cup of tea… not anyone’s really.

Much love to all of you reading this! I leave you with a quote from a beautiful and talented writer and poet who passed away today. May you rest in peace Maya Angelou, thank you for all the inspiration!


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