Episode 26: ANTs on the brain

So, yeah, self-deprecating. But the word I was looking for was self-defeating.

And ANTs don’t buzz… they crawl. Creepy f*$?&*! crawlers…

ps. If you’re wondering if my anxious brain thinks I did a shitty job with this video, well, there’s your answer. 😉


2 thoughts on “Episode 26: ANTs on the brain

  1. hey Marge, I have anxiety as well and it is extremely difficult to calm down the thoughts and just be in the present. Yoga and breathing help a lot. When I am exhausted in the evening and I can’t fall asleep, I try a shower followed by a massage with essential oils. My mom is so amazing, she’s mixing olive oil and different essential oils and doing her best to share her loving energy with me 🙂


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