Episode 61: How I became Lyme free

6 thoughts on “Episode 61: How I became Lyme free

  1. Hi Marge,
    First of all I really like your site. I think it’s great that you are inspiring others how to get well. I just watched episode 61. It’s great you’re doing much better that you were before. I don’t want to rain on your parade but I think it’s really unlikely that you’re Lyme free right now, despite what the bioresonance test says. How do you know its accurate? This is exactly the same thing mainstream doctors tell patients when their test comes back negative: you don’t have Lyme, now it’s just post-Lyme syndrome.
    If you’ve had Lyme for 10 years (I have had it for even longer), it takes a while to get better. I’m not saying it can’t be done in a year, but its more likely going to take several years with ups and downs along the way. Being able to do a hike is more a sign of getting over the major illness phase than being completely well. It usually takes a long time to kill the last 20% of the Lyme in your body, if your joints hurt it’s probably still in them.
    I think bioresonance is a great tool but unlikely to cure someone that quickly. I use a rife machine (spooky2) and it still takes many rounds of killing the bacteria week after week to slowly improve. I am able to hike and exercise but I still have a ways to go.
    The reason I’m telling you this is so that you don’t give up on your treatment too early. I know how attractive it is to think that the Lyme is all gone. For your own sake please try taking some herb/ antibiotic/rife that is known to kill it, and see how you react before declaring ‘mission accomplished’.


    1. Hello Marge
      Excellent results. FYI I am a naturopath in Australia. Also use a Bicom. I have a colleague in Montreal who may be able to help you with the residual health challenges. Dr Moshe Block. He does body mind and vibrational medicine. Reach me at info@naturopathy4me.com.au if you want more information.

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  2. Hey Dylan!
    Thanks for reaching out, for your encouraging words, and overall for the tone of your comment. I know how ‘controversial’ it can be for someone to claim they are Lyme free and I appreciate you not going on the attack. 🙂
    I can assure you that I definitely did not take the decision to use the expression ‘Lyme free’ lightly. After 12 years of undiagnosed illness, 6 months of antibiotics, and 3 months of herbal protocols, I was definitely not expecting to get where I am at today so rapidly (and this entire blog chronicles that very real struggle). I was not expecting or even hoping for a ‘miracle cure’ (here is me in January at my first bioresonance appointment: https://instagram.com/p/xt4KdLRg1x/).
    That being said, the bioresonance machine my practitioner uses is a Bicom2000 which is more powerful than both a Rife or Spooky2. He uses dowsing to test for the presence or absence of bacteria and pathogens in your body (I am well aware many can dismiss this as invalid, and before I saw it in action maybe I would too, but I know better now). Given everything I know about bioresonance, it can definitely provide a true cure to Lyme disease (and many other ailments). I understand that my healing was very rapid and my success has not been proven by the test of time, and for this reason I have shared this on my personal blog/ig and fb page only, and I don’t necessarily run around screaming this everywhere on fb groups. It isn’t that I doubt myself, but it’s that I realize that 5 months isn’t that long. However, I believe that my practitioner has developed the expertise to rid the body of borrelia and coinfections in only a few sittings and that this is definitely what happened for me.
    Now, only this information and this trust I have developed towards my practitioner would not be enough for me to declare myself Lyme free. I have meticulously analyzed my body, symptoms and health throughout this experience and was myself amazed at the results. Many of my major symptoms are gone or almost completely gone, namely my chronic fatigue (my energy is nearing 100% now), weakness and dizziness, fibromyalgia (no more terrible constant pains all over my entire body), brain and cognitive issues, neurological problems, chronic cystitis, etc. The issues that remain are, as I mention in my video, mostly digestive/nausea/headache related and seeing as I suffer from untreated SIBO I believe it is mostly related to this (starting treatment today for the next 3 weeks, I should have a better idea soon!). And yes, my joints are still somewhat painful (about 20% of what it used to be) but I do blame this on overall inactivity and lack of circulation for years, gut issues, and needing to be more focussed on rebuilding my body.
    I understand that everything I say will likely not convince you of what I am advancing – that’s totally normal to me. This is a highly personal and subjective experience and I don’t expect anyone to corroborate it. This bioresonance approach and in particular Victor’s techniques truly are something else, and the health that I have gained rapidly and lastingly as a result is unheard of. But it doesn’t make my experience any less valid or true, and yes, after having had many days of careful analysis and deliberation over the last months, I continue to consider myself Lyme free. 🙂
    p.s. I am still followed by my Lyme-knowledgeable MD who is amazed by my results and with whom I discuss all of this openly. I also continue to take many supplements to replenish my body. My ‘fight for health’ is not over, but my ‘fight against Lyme inside my body’ is. Now I fight against Lyme illiteracy in Canada.


    1. Well I guess in my experience the rate at which I can kill the Lyme and make progress is limited mainly by how much herxing I can tolerate. The spooky2 is extremely powerful and I can really only use it for several minutes at a time which then gives me a 4 day herx. If I try to push any harder it becomes intolerable. The same thing goes for essential oils and certain herbs like Samento. They really pack a punch and I can only use them in small doses and then wait until the herx subsides before proceeding, otherwise you can overwhelm your organs of detoxification. This is the true difficulty in healing from chronic Lyme. There are many things that can kill the bacteria but detoxing the dead bacteria from your body is a very slow painful process. I don’t know anyone who has recovered without going through this difficult process which usually takes years.
      I think its quite possible to have Lyme and feel mostly ok, as the bacteria can become relatively dormant and your immune response to it can become calmed. I certainly was in this state for many years, feeling mostly ok with good energy and few symptoms. However the bacteria were quietly multiplying and things eventually went downhill.
      I understand the Bicom2000 is an advanced machine but to recover from chronic lyme that quickly it would need to have some miraculous ability to eliminate the need to detox all the dead Lyme bacteria from your body. I’m willing to keep an open mind and certainly such a treatment would be incredible news for Lyme patients. Looking at the specs it looks mostly like a Rife machine in terms of conducting electrical frequencies into the body. However we are still on the frontier of these Rife technologies. I’m willing to imagine that in the hands of a skilled diagnostician there could perhaps be special personalized detox frequencies that could minimize the herx reactions. I hope that you have truly came across the quick relatively painless cure we have all been waiting for. All the best with your advocacy efforts, I do think its great that you are raising awareness of this disease.


      1. Again, thanks so much for keeping an open mind, I really appreciate that. I will add that over my years of being ill I did a lot of alternative treatments for my health (not knowing I had Lyme). I did over 30 hypnotherapy sessions which, amongst other things, allowed me to have deep a restful sleep until today (something which had not been the case for about 8 years with the Lyme). I have been doing a lot of osteopathy and deep tissue massage (surgery really hehe) and I believe those readied my body for bioresonance as well. I had been eating nothing but real food 100% cooked at home from scratch for 2 years (98% compliance), and I am certain this helped my over health, immune system and such. In fact, my immune system numbers remained really good despite the years of Lyme, and my routine blood tests always showed me and my organs as being in ‘perfect health’.
        All that I say here has been my experience and the accumulation of many elements, and of course everyone’s experience is different.
        Wishing you much continued healing, and yes of course I hope that in the ‘end’ I will be right and this is for real! Not because I want to be right, but because I want people to reach healing, and that is why I share. 🙂


      2. It does sound like you are doing all the right things to support your bodily systems. Interestingly I also tried GAPS about 4 years ago prior to discovering I had Lyme and coinfections. The GAPS diet did seem to trigger a worse phase of the Lyme, maybe through immune activation as you also suspect.
        The standard medical tests have always showed me to be the “picture of health” so I decided to start ignoring them as I knew this wasn’t the case. Eventually I got a positive Igenex Lyme test.
        The co-infection picture also complicates matters, if you don’t have as heavy a body burden of these then you probably could recover more quickly.
        All I know is that I have had several ups and downs over the past 3 years of treatment, but overall I keep getting better, just not in a straight linear fashion. Every time I’m feeling great and I think I must be almost completely well all it takes is a dose of some anti-lyme herb and I have a massive herx and realize there is a ways to go. Rather than putting all your faith in one treatment or medical professional, I think it pays to experiment with different approaches and see how your body reacts. Buying a bottle of Samento for $25 might be a good insurance policy to hedge your bets.


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