Episode 64: Busy spreading the good Lyme word

Note: the Canadian conference to develop a framework for Lyme disease will be held on May 15-17, 2016, in Ottawa. The planning committee is composed of many stakeholder groups including representatives from the Public Health Agency of Canada, medical associations and patient groups.


4 thoughts on “Episode 64: Busy spreading the good Lyme word

  1. Congratulations Marge. Yes, be carefull about what you wish for is a good quote. So happy you are happy and fullfilled by your new work. It’s important if you stay in the Lyme circle that you are. Have a nice trip

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  2. Hi Marge, I am so happy to see that after a year you are still doing well after using the bioresonance machine. Would you say you are still at 90% functioning level? I emailed you back about 6 weeks ago but I know you have been busy, with conferences, health, etc, so no rush to reply. Also, do you have to be off abx while doing the bioresonance machine? Thanks, Roisin


    1. Thanks a lot Roisin! 🙂 I function pretty wonderfully, in fact, I did not answer your email for many weeks because I was away travelling in Asia for a month just recently and I had no problems doing that! I was off antibiotics when I did my bioresonance sessions, but I know people who did both in the same time as well. I answered your email as well so we please respond over there if you have any more questions. Best of luck and health!


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