Silent but not dormant

Pondering life and all its beauty on a recent enriching and uplifting trip to Peru.

I’ve been a little silent here for a while.

The truth is, I’ve had increasingly less to share about my personal journey with Lyme disease specifically, and have been really busy working on my physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. When I feel called to share more on my whole healing journey, I will certainly do it; for now, however, I am very busy going inward and working out all the things. There is still much to do, many symptoms to work out, but I am happier, more present and more connected than ever before in my life.

At the same time, I was asked to step into the position of president of the Quebec Lyme Disease Association (AQML) in mid-2017 and have put my advocacy work to use in that context. Our current major action is a political one, namely we have an official petition at the National Assembly of Quebec which will be deposited in 2 weeks (the translated petition text and instructions can be found here). There are more and more impactful stories out in the media about those afflicted with Lyme disease, more backing from various spheres of society and political support is certainly growing. It feels like things are shifting and that soon, the medical authorities will no longer be able to sit back and deny the issues we face while pointing their fingers at us for being anti-science (speaking of science, have you seen this latest research: Lyme bacteria survive 28-day course of antibiotics months after infection)?

With love,

Marge ❤


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