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marge-sickWelcome to my little corner of the internets, it’s good to have you here!

My name is Marguerite Glazer. You can call me Marge.

I’ve created this blog because I want to talk to you about chronic Lyme disease. More specifically, I want to tell you about my (incredibly frustrating 13 year long) experience, share what I have learned along the way and hopefully chronicle my healing journey (fingers and toes crossed).

I started the GAPS diet about a year ago and had a short-lived blog about it. Eating nothing but real food and avoiding grains got me stronger. But as my immune system learned to better defend me, I got sicker. Same problems as I’ve had for over 10 years, but far more intense. Can’t-do-anything-but-lay-in-bed-all-day sick, too weak to get up, too pained to move much. At the moment, I am unable to write at length for this blog as it would be too tiring and painful for my struggling body and mind (I am hoping to finish this intro muy pronto, while I still have it in me).

I wish to begin this blog as a series of unscripted short videos, which I will film and upload on my good days. The rest of the time, I will rest and do the best I can in my new occupation: self-nurturer. My quality of life, and life itself, depend on it.

Welcome! Bienvenue!

2015 update: After very successful bioresonance treatment done in my hometown of Montreal, I now consider myself healed from Lyme disease and am well on my way to regaining my full health and strength. Like 95% on my way. I’m currently working on a Lyme disease documentary set to come out in mid-2016, which aims at exposing the denial surrounding it all.

2018 update: These days I am busy working for the Association québécoise de la maladie de Lyme, working to move things forward for all those affected in the province. We were recently heard in public hearings at the National Assembly!

Contact me at thelymechronicles@gmail.com, I would love to get in touch! xox


11 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Marge, so happy to read your success story! I have 3 daughters with Lyme in their 30s so very interested to hear about how bioressonance cured you. I’m now trying to find someone who does this in the UK but although I’ve found a few practitioners none have experience with Lyme. Do you know which machine your doctor uses? How many treatments did you have and are you still continuing to have them from time to time?
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog – you’ve had quite a journey!
    Best wishes and hope your health continues to improve to 100%.


    1. Hello Eileen! I’m sorry I never responded to this. The machine is a Bicom2000 machine, it is German. I had about 15 sessions to address many of my health issues, which certainly included Lyme and coinfections, but also fungus, viruses, EMFs, parasites, etc. I had accumulated quite a bit of stuff! I don’t go back on a regular basis, but seeing as I remain fragile on many levels, I do go back sometimes for a tune up (not for Lyme, but for parasites and fungus and such). Please see anndevlin’s comment below about Bicom in the UK, it may help. Reson8 might be a good resource for you and your daughters too! Best of luck. xo


  2. Hi Marge, so, so pleased to hear that you have healed from Lyme. I’m in the UK; I have a background in the NHS/Radiography and more recently as a holistic practitioner, but I am embarrassed to say how little I knew about Lyme until recently. I had not realised until recently how dreadful a disease it is, and how it is so frustrating that it is not being recognised. I am now a Bicom practitioner (I originally bought the Bicom machine to help with my own health problems (breast cancer – which I’m now over). I have recently been inundated with Lyme patients. I have come across 10 people that have tested positive for Borrelia and co infections over the last month, and I feel as though it is just scratching the surface. I know of a few practitioners in the UK that are now treating Lyme using the Bicom. We are all based in the North of England. There is myself ( in Yorkshire), a vet called Paul Boland (who also treats humans!) in Liverpool, and a lady in Skipton, Yorkshire, called Sarah Rose, and Reson8 (David and Chris) in Leeds. Paul Boland has recently had 3 patients that have made a full recovery, or at least they are no longer testing positive and they no longer have any symptoms! One was a 19 year old girls who had had Lyme since birth (aquired from her mother during pregnancy). I am currently treating a lady who was diagnosed with MS in 2009, a lady who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, in 2010, a man with multiple myeloma who has been suffering with extreme muscular and joint pain and fatigue but had always thought it was a side effect of the chemo and the cancer, a teenager with extreme headaches and fatigue who was bitten last Nov whilst on holiday in Canada, a lady who has not yet been officially diagnosed by medics but they are suggesting it may be MS, she has been having extreme headaches, fatigue, palpitations, vertigo, brain fog, visual disturbances for almost 2 years. I also have a friend in his 50’s who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 18 months ago, he was previously tested for Lyme but was told it was negative, but according to Bicom testing it was a definite positive. Also a relative who has extreme joint pain and fatigue, diagnosed as RA, and is now on methotrexate. I am staggered at the range of different medical diagnoses when in all these cases it is pretty much obvious that it’s the borrelia and other bugs that is at the root of it. The most extreme case that I have started treating is a young 28 year old man who was diagnosed with Guillan Barre syndrome 8 years ago. He almost died, he was in Intensive Care for 4 months, paralysed and unable to breathe without a ventilator, and he was in hospital for a total of 11 months! He is still not well, he has many typical Lyme symptoms, and has received no support from conventional doctors. He needs lots of clearing – on initial testing, as well the the various Lyme bacteria he was also testing positive for a long list of viruses, including Epstein Barr and Creutzfeldt-Jacob/CJD! Not surprisingly he was also positive for heavy metal toxicity, and numerous food intolerances (as are most of the others too). Most of the above have only had between 2-5 Lyme sessions, but already we are seeing some great progress. I am also doing remote treatments in between using just their blood samples. The thing that scares me is how big a problem this really is. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that it is an epidemic – but an epidemic that the doctors don’t even know about! I will be doing whatever I can to spread the word and help those that are affected. I’ll keep you posted with the progress of the patients that I’m currently treating, and I’ll be directing them to your blog/Fb page – to give them hope and belief that they will recover and that they will get their lives back. Thanks so much for being a shining light in an otherwise scary world for so many people. Together, we’ll raise awareness, and hopefully in future people won’t need to suffer for as long as you did and the many, many others that have been debilitated or lost their lives. Bless you Marge ! xxx


    1. Hello Ann! Thanks so much for your wonderful message, such a pleasure to read. Thanks for your interest in Lyme disease, it’s great to have allies such as yourself in this fight. “Together, we’ll raise awareness, and hopefully in future people won’t need to suffer for as long as you did and the many, many others that have been debilitated or lost their lives.” – YES. Because when we talk about Lyme disease, this is what we’re talking about. There is nothing benign about it. I believe bioresonance to be the medicine of the future and it’s so very important to have fighters such as yourself champion for it as well. It’s been incredible for me, and I just wish we knew more about it (and that it wasn’t regarded as quackery) so that it could be accessible to more people and help them truly heal. Love hearing the success stories you mention above! Rock on! And let’s keep in touch.


  3. bonjour, est ce que c est trop demander de référer et partager votre thérapeute en bioraisonnane avec l appareil Bicom 2000 à Montréal ? serait ce m Victor Spektor ?


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