Episode 20: Home alone!

Watching back the video, I cannot help but notice all my “uhms” and “ehms” and my inability to make most of the points I wanted to make. This is quite frustrating to me as I consider myself a skilled communicator and one who can easily and adequately verbalize her ideas on the fly. It scares me to think how much of my brain is affected by my neurological infections as well as all the neurotoxic byproducts currently circulating in me. Writing this now, I feel that my brain is just not cooperating, words and flow aren’t coming, I constantly feel like I am just waking up from a severe blow to the head…

That being said, I simply need to remember that this is not permanent and that this, too, shall pass. I cannot dwell on this at it has the potential to make me very sad and discouraged. Time to focus on the beautiful sunny weather, the wonderful people I love in my life and enjoy all the things that will allow me to have a good day!

ps. I don’t take my frustrations out on Jan at this point, what I meant to say is that it happens that I am frustrated at the world and that I get jealous that Jan gets to do much more than me, because I am human and I have desires. But these days I am so very happy when he gets to get away from it all and just enjoy himself!


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